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Pokémon Go Not Working? Android & iOS Problems, Bugs, Fixes Dissected

Pokémon Go Not Working? Android & iOS Problems, Bugs, Fixes Dissected
Pokemon GO Eduardo Woo / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Pokémon Go Not Working? Android & iOS Problems, Bugs, Fixes Dissected

Pokémon Go is out, but not everyone is enjoying it. A number of Android and iOS users are reporting problems about the game not working. Dissecting the problem could be key to fixing the issue.

Pokémon Go Not Working?

Pokémon Go dropped with millions of people flocking to play the game, but not everyone got to catch em’ all. There is a major problem: the game is not working for many devices. Pokémon has been around for long and given the size of its fanbase, a buggy game naturally prompted people to rant on social media. While it is at the top right of the App Store now, not all users are having the time of their lives.

According to International Business Times, the reason is that the game has lots of bugs.

Another problem reported is the battery life. Pokémon Go gives players a chance not just to catch monsters but also to be in an augmented reality that could take a toll on a device’s battery. People will have to change settings on their phones to save battery since there aren’t any go-arounds. Changes to the background display, brightness, and GPS settings could do the trick.

Global Rollout Delayed

The creators of the app thanked users for their patience. According to a tweet:

Players in the United States would have seen an error page on the login screen informing them about the temporary shutdown. Nonetheless, Pokemon Go is already available in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.

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