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‘Pokémon Go’ News: US iOS, Android Users Can Download & Play Now!

‘Pokémon Go’ News: US iOS, Android Users Can Download & Play Now!
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‘Pokémon Go’ News: US iOS, Android Users Can Download & Play Now!

Finally, “Pokemon GO” has made its international debut, as it rolled out in New Zealand and Australia early this week.


American IOS & Android Users can officially download “Pokemon GO”! Get it here for iPhone & iPad users, and here for Android device holders.

For regions that cannot access Pokemon GO just yet, read below for a nice alternative. 


Sadly for American users, they have to contend with watching their Twitter and Instagram, even Facebook feeds fill up with those annoyingly cute Pokemon Go screenshots.

We get it, you’re having fun and we cannot download it yet, because we live in America — the land where Pokemons don’t like to grace first (fat tears rolling down our faces now). 

For Android users though, even those in America, the heavens have heard them, as there is now a way!

For Android users who have been itching to try “Pokemon Go” in their mobile devices, here is how you can download its APK file, as recommended by Tech Radar.

  1. Adjust the settings of your Android device to allow downloading of apps from sources other than the Play Store. The report noted, though, that anyone who does this must be careful and wary about downloading unsafe and unreliable apps.

To do this, open Settings, select Security, then scroll down to “Unknown sources.” Finally, tap the toggle to turn it on.

  1. After turning on the “Unknown sources” option, you need to download the Pokémon Go APK file.

To do this, go to the “Pokémon Go” APK webpage and select “Download APK.” When the warning show up, click “OK” to start the download.

  1. Once you are done downloading, swipe the top portion of your Android device down to check the notification area if the “Pokémon Go” file is there. Once found, select it then tap “Install.”

Now you are ready to start hunting for pocket monsters but in the meantime, here is an initial review about the game from the IGN editor who has tried the “Pokemon Go” beta version.

“The process of capturing and collecting Pokemon is just as addicting as ever, but I need to stress how the rules have changed in comparison to the core Pokemon RPGs,” Jose Otero said about the newly-released “Pokemon Go.”

Those who are using iPhone or iPad still cannot enjoy the augmented reality game…sad (We told you to get an Android! We did). Here’s a promise from Pokemon Go News to tide you over…or not.

Stay tuned for more Pokémon Go news!

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