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‘Pokemon Go’ News: PokeMatch May Help You Find Love

‘Pokemon Go’ News: PokeMatch May Help You Find Love
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‘Pokemon Go’ News: PokeMatch May Help You Find Love

Who says that you can’t find the “the one” while you attempt to “catch ‘em all”? Find the perfect date for yourself using PokeMatch!

After making people get out of the house and get some much-needed exercise, instead of being cooped up on a couch most hours of a day (courtesy, “Candy Crush”), “Pokemon Go” has now taken the responsibility to find the perfect partner for their dedicated players.

The makers of “Pokemon Go” must have understood that their obsessed players will have no time for finding potential love interests for themselves, what with tracking down Snorlax and making their Hitmonchan win over Pokemon Gyms.

‘Pokemon Go’ Dating Service

So voila! Now you have PokeMatch, a Tinder-inspired app launched by “Pokemon Go” that lets you connect and arrange for dates with just a swipe! One might see it this way – You swipe forward to capture a rare Pokemon; you swipe right to capture the perfect date (in a manner of speaking, of course).

Once a player swipes right, he/she has to then wait for the person on the other end to approve by swiping right too. If both consent the match, a dedicated chat opens up letting both the players to talk for a bit and schedule a meeting spot, which is more often than not, mostly at the nearest PokeStop.

So does it work? It’s still too early to tell. Sure, in the short period of time that it has launched, PokeMatch happily boasts of creating over 10,000 matches, but did those matches work out for the couples, no one knows.

‘Pokemon Go’ News

According to Android Headlines, if nothing else, the app is sure to make people team up and go Pokemon-hunting together. This certainly reduces the dangers attached to the act of going to Central Park alone in the middle of the night in search of Pikachu.

The Next Web points out that since PokeMatch is only open for people who play “Pokemon Go”, people who hook up through this app are sure to have at least one interest in common (a ready-made ice-breaker)!

Did you use PokeMatch yet? Tell us your experience below!

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