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Pokemon GO Legal Cheats: Win At Every Gym, Find Pokemon Without Nearby Tracker

Pokemon GO Legal Cheats: Win At Every Gym, Find Pokemon Without Nearby Tracker
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Pokemon GO Legal Cheats: Win At Every Gym, Find Pokemon Without Nearby Tracker

Now that more and more people are joining Pokemon GO, the next big quest for players is to win as many battles and catch as many Pokemon as they can. Fortunately, there is a way to do so even when the nearby tracker is broken. 

Win Every PokeGym Battle

With millions of players now under its belt, Pokémon GO is the next big thing to hit the market. While the internet has been swarmed with countless tips and tricks on how to play the game, a more detailed approach as to how to win every gym battle has surfaced.

Initially, people need to find the nearest PokeGym in their area. Players need to prepare their Pokémon for battle. For creatures that are still recovering, users can wait for them to heal or fast track things via a health potion. While the most logical thing to do in a battle is to bring out the best Pokémon, players now have the option to choose the creature with the most CP or HP for their PokeGym battle.

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According to Game N Guide, it does not matter if the Pokémon is against a higher level creature, because it boils down to knowing the dodge and attack move. The best time to dodge is when a yellow flash turns up on the screen. Once the yellow flash appears, swipe left or right so the Pokémon can avoid damage. After dodging, tap on the Pokémon quickly to do damage to it instead.

Find Pokémon Even Without Nearby Tracker

Players can find Pokémon even if their nearby tracker is broken. The easiest thing to do is to use a special map online that shows where the rest of the Pokémon are.

According to BGR, while the trick is not exactly legal, players can use the map as a way to help their quests. However, they may have to be careful, because Niantic may find it as a way of cheating. The map is best known as the Pokémon GO nest from a subgroup in Reddit.

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