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Pokemon Go: Koffing Appears In Holocaust Testimonials Of Surviving The Gas Chamber

Pokemon Go: Koffing Appears In Holocaust Testimonials Of Surviving The Gas Chamber
Beanbag Koffing Luna Tick / Flickr cc


Pokemon Go: Koffing Appears In Holocaust Testimonials Of Surviving The Gas Chamber

Pokemon Go has become an instant phenomenon since it was released, and gamers of all ages are trying to get their hands on these virtual pocket monsters. However, the Holocaust Museum had asked gamers to keep out.

There is an image being distributed online. The image appears to show a player coming across a Pokémon called Koffing, which emits poisonous gas, right inside the Holocaust Museum.

The creature could be seen floating near a sign for the museum’s Helena Rubinstein Auditorium, which exhibits the testimonials of Jews who survived the gas chambers, said The Washington Post.

Landmarks like this museum, along with many other spots, act as a “PokéStop” within the game. A “PokeStop” is a place where players can get free in-game items.

It has been reported that multiple parts of the museum are being used as three “PokeStops.”

According to CBC, the museum’s communications director, Andrew Hollinger, said that it is highly inappropriate to play Pokemon Go in the museum. This is because it is a memorial to the victims of Nazism.

“We are trying to find out if we can get the museum excluded from the game.” Hollinger said.

It was certain that the Koffing image have originated from a now deleted post on the photo-sharing site Imgur. However, the whole thing might be a hoax, because that particular Pokemon was not found nearby.

On the other hand, it is also known that in Pokemon Go, a specific Pokemon that shows up in each location does change from time to time.

Due to this incident, Hollinger said that the museum is worried about the potential Koffing appearance.

Pokemon Go, Koffing, Holocaust Museum

Went to the Holocaust Museum in DC today. Didn’t know whether to be horrified or disappointed in game creators

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