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Pokemon Go iOS Version 1.0.3 Offers Fixes, Other Patch Notes, Plus Japan Release

Pokemon Go iOS Version 1.0.3 Offers Fixes, Other Patch Notes, Plus Japan Release
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Pokemon Go iOS Version 1.0.3 Offers Fixes, Other Patch Notes, Plus Japan Release

Pokemon Go is no doubt the next big thing to hit the internet, and it has got millions of people hooked. However, just like other games, Pokémon Go is filled with bugs and problems, which thankfully could be fixed thanks to a series of updates released with the Version 1.0.3 now available.

Pokémon Go Version 1.0.3

Pokémon Go has its fair share of problems, so the company behind it has started pushing updates to patch some issues. The initial update came in the form of Version 1.0.1 before it got bumped up to Version 1.0.2 in the previous week. Now, version 1.0.3 is now available.

According to Nintendo Insider, whereas the version 1.0.2 started addressing the bugs linked to the Pokémon Trainer Club login, patch notes for the Version 1.0.3 only revealed ““minor text fixes.” There is no information yet about other fixes users might have come across. It looks like people will have to deal with minor text fixes first before other patches are released.

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The update is around 153 MB in size, so players may need to allot more of their space to it. Likewise, it is also recommended that players update via Wi-Fi instead of mobile data to avoid troubles.

Japan Release

While specific markets have started dealing with patch issues, Pokémon Go went live in Japan recently, according to Polygon. After a long wait, players from the game’s home country can now join in on the fun.

The game is available for both iOS and Android as with other markets. Google Play and iTunes for Japan both received the game available for download. Previously, the game was supposed to launch on July 20, but it came two days later on July 22. The Japanese debut got delayed because of server issues.

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