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Pokémon GO iOS and Android Myths & Rumors: Eevee, Endemic Pokémon and More

Pokémon GO iOS and Android Myths & Rumors: Eevee, Endemic Pokémon and More
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Pokémon GO iOS and Android Myths & Rumors: Eevee, Endemic Pokémon and More

Pokémon GO has appealed to millions of gamers across the globe and a lot of tips and tricks have gone out the window since its release.

However, it cannot be avoided that some users will fall into the myth trap and go for tips that will not really get them anything from the game. Here are some myths debunked about the Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Eevee Myth

The popularity of Pokémon GO will make it susceptible to many speculations and fake information. Just as millions of players flock to the game, there have also been malicious sites and individuals trying to spread out myths about it. Fortunately, there are always good Samaritans willing to debunk these myths and help users to play the game just as it should be.

One myth that has been circling around is the idea that Eevee belongs to a group of unique Pokémon capable of taking multiple forms depending on what Evolution stone a players gets. It works that way in the main series but Pokémon GO is different.

Evolutions are possible for Eevee but tests reveal that Eevee can evolve into Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Flareon equally. Instead, players can evolve their Eevee and guarantee that they can turn it into something they prefer by renaming their Pokémon, as reported by Gameranx.

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Pokémon GO Endemic Monsters

Furthermore, another rumor about specific Pokémon being endemic to a continent surfaced. However, there is no truth to such information as noted by the report.

While some monsters seem like they will only be available to a certain region or country as with real life, the truth is, players can find and obtain them regardless of their location the world. They just need to walk around and cover as much ground (as much as 5km) to hatch the monsters.

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