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Pokémon Go Tips: How to Fight And Use Gyms

Pokémon Go Tips: How to Fight And Use Gyms
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Pokémon Go Tips: How to Fight And Use Gyms


Ideally, in Pokemon Go, it should be very easy to locate gyms on the map, being the landmarks in the app. But many people are still having a hard time finding them.

In order to play Pokemon Go, a player has to reach level 5.  Then he has to find a gym through the main area of the game: The Pokémon Go map.

Gyms are found at prominent real world locations – a silver or gray mark on the map. In fact you can see them easily as a round arena with a white pedestal surrounded by spotlights.

Still if you can’t locate the gym, then you need to zoom and look for it, Forbes reports.

If a gym is not claimed by a trainer it will be blank. Otherwise, it will be yellow, blue or red. The player also needs to pick out his team. The three color-coded teams include Instinct (yellow), Mystic (blue) and Valor (red), IBT UK reports.

Only one Pokémon can be used to fight, if your team owns a gym, this can help the team increase its prestige points. If your team has more Pokémon at the gym, you will be able to gather more bonus points. However, if your team does not own a gym, then you will have to fight it out to claim one.

In this case, you can take six Pokémon to fight against the enemies, whatever number they may be. And if your team defeats a Pokémon from the other team, you can lower the gym’s prestige points, so that few Pokémon are stationed there. If the prestige point is lowered to zero, the gym goes back to neutral, and your team can station a single Pokémon there to claim it.

Though Pokémon Go has not yet been launched worldwide, it is becoming one of the most popular games. It is on the top of App Store and Google Play Store. Pokémon Go has been developed by Niantic where players travel to a fictional world via their iPhones and Android phones with the creatures – and play with them in the real world.

In previous versions of Pokémon, virtual locations were given whereas now the game uses real world location data to populate Earth with iconic Pokémon to be caught, trained and fought with. For the free game, a player would require a Google account. Once the sign in is done, the player can customize his or her digital avatar like choosing one’s gender, eye color, hair color, shirt, hat, pants, shoes, and the style of backpack.

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