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Pokémon Go Gets Creepy, People’s Lives in Danger?

Pokémon Go Gets Creepy, People’s Lives in Danger?
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Pokémon Go Gets Creepy, People’s Lives in Danger?

Pokémon Go has taken the mobile market by storm. However, even if it is just a game, it does not mean it doesn’t have real life implications, which could at times become dangerous. When did Pokémon become creepy?

Pokémon and Bizarre Incidents

Pokémon Go has introduced gamers to a form of augmented reality, but it has also led people to unusual, at times dangerous places. In less than a week following its launch, users are reporting disturbing paths.

For instance, a teenager in Wyoming was reportedly trying to hunt for a Pokémon on a riverbank but chanced upon a corpse instead. Police clarified that the person seemed to have died of accidental causes. The teenager also claimed she will continue playing despite the odd incident.

Quartz also reported that two days following that report, robbers supposedly tried luring victims to a specific remote area to rob them at gunpoint. O’Fallon, Missouri authorities responded to a report around 2 a.m. about a robbery that appeared to have been tied to earlier incidents. The crime may have been related to Pokémon Go used as a trap.

Pokemon Go and Danger

In another report from Jalopnik, the game has been linked to dangerous driving. Pokémon Go is reportedly taking out the safety out of driving.

“It’s a more widespread trend than just those folks, and the Washington State Department of Transportation even sent out a tweet warning drivers not to catch Pokémon while driving,” the write-up said.

However, even with the warning, people are still doing it. Some features of the game require people to walk so they can catch monsters. Players creeping out of halls and alleyways, some will eventually find themselves in awkward places unless there is a workaround this.

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