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‘Pokémon Go’ For Windows Phone Release Date: Third Party Developer Reportedly Preparing App

‘Pokémon Go’ For Windows Phone Release Date: Third Party Developer Reportedly Preparing App
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‘Pokémon Go’ For Windows Phone Release Date: Third Party Developer Reportedly Preparing App

“Pokemon Go” can be released for Windows mobile users soon! A third Party has reportedly taken the responsibility to develop a version of the app exclusively for Windows OS.

While the rest of the population, that is, people with smartphones and iPhones, enjoy the marvelously addictive game of “Pokemon Go,” Window mobile users are still bereft of the enjoyment that has gripped the world.

This is because Niantic has not yet announced any plans of making the app available for Windows phone users. This lack of interest from Niantic is despite the fact that Windows mobile users have filed a petition demanding the app makers to release “Pokemon Go” for Windows.

The petition has received overwhelming support from the “Pokemon Go” fans, and currently, holds 90,000 signatures, reports UberGizmo.

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‘Pokémon Go’ For Windows Phone

Rumor has it that a third party app developer is currently planning to develop the app for Windows mobile soon. The developer, called ST-apps has even conjured up a blueprint for the same, which he revealed through a gif online.

Sadly, though, the gif looks nothing like the original interface of “Pokemon Go”. For one thing, it does not support augmented reality, which is one of the unique features of “Pokemon Go”.

According to Science World, the reason ST-Apps has avoided mirroring the concept of the game is because it fears that it might be sued by the makers of the original app if it were to do so.

‘Pokemon Go’ Third Party Developer

Even though this third party developer has given the estimate of the release of this alternate version of “Pokemon Go” somewhere around next month, its release largely depends on one vital criterion.

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Following the various server complaints currently faced by Niantic, if the company was to encrypt all of its servers, “Pokemon Go” app, developed by the third party would never see the light of the day.

As for Microsoft itself, no talks are currently underway for bringing “Pokemon Go” to the Windows medium. Even though one of the reps of the company did put up a comment a short while ago saying that the game might become available in the Windows Store soon, it was quickly retracted.

Instead, reports GSMArena, Microsoft posted the following statement: “We have actually received requests for this application will be available for windows phone. The store windows is evaluating options to satisfy this request in the best possible way. We promise to keep you abreast of any developments.”

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