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Pokemon GO, Fitbit Integration: Catching Pokemon May Be Healthy

Pokemon GO, Fitbit Integration: Catching Pokemon May Be Healthy
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Pokemon GO, Fitbit Integration: Catching Pokemon May Be Healthy

Pokemon GO, aside from helping people achieve their dreams of becoming a Pokemaster, is also healthy? The popular mobile game was so successful at getting people moving that there’s a petition to integrate the game and Fitbit.

The game allows players to catch miniature monsters using Augmented Reality technology using their phones built-in cameras and GPS. All the gameplay occurs on the user’s phone but there’s a catch. Users must walk, or at least travel some distance to actually play it effectively.

The game uses data from Google Maps to “find” nearby Pokemon. The users then walk around to search for them, similar to how the characters from the original games search for Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Requires Players To Come Out And Play

According to the Chicago Tribune, the game has been successful not just in terms of users. Pokemon GO is doing a great job at getting people off their seats and actually spending some time outdoors.

While there are stories of players getting injured due to carelessness, the fact is people are actually exercising, whether they want to or not. This is wonderful news considering the sedentary society we live in today.

One player was reported to have covered roughly 4 miles and explored a cemetery while playing. Young people are also socializing more as players advise each other where to find places filled with Pokemon.

There is even a petition to integrate Fitbit with the game. The company specializes in creating fitness trackers that track various statistics like number of steps and distance traveled.

Whether this will happen in the future is still to be seen but it is definitely a noble idea. Adding the prospect of catching Pokemon with the not so exciting prospect of weight loss seems to be a match made in heaven.

Hopefully, Pokemon GO will usher in more games to integrate Augmented Reality technology and help keep users in shape. Additionally, this might also prompt companies like Fitbit to create fitness-based mobile games that require players to leave the couch in order to play.

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