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Pokemon GO Fest Chicago Attendees Offered Refunds

Pokemon GO Fest Chicago Attendees Offered Refunds
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Pokemon GO Fest Chicago Attendees Offered Refunds

Niantic’s Pokemon GO Fest Chicago was a bust that left many attendees unsatisfied. However, the company has offered ticket refunds and in-game compensation for the failed event.

According to CNET, many fans were unable to enjoy the event as they couldn’t log in the mobile app due to server issues and limited connectivity in the area.  Pokemon GO players couldn’t play with each other as they can’t even get app the working during the event. As seen in a Twitter post, Niantic CEO John Hanke’s livestream appearance was met with “We can’t play!” chants from the Pokemon GO Fest Chicago attendees.

To compensate the fans, especially those who’ve traveled far to attend, Niantic allowed fans to refund their $20 tickets and receive in-game rewards. So far, the in-game compensation consists of $100 worth of Pokecoins and a free legendary Pokemon, Lugia.

Before it was a bust, the Pokemon GO Fest intended to be an international event that’ll allow its attendees to play the app with each other. Players could catch Pokemon and enjoy its social gameplay to meet new people as they played a common game. The event happened in Chicago’s Grant Park where it was spacious and free for many players to run around in.

In other news, the event wasn’t a complete failure, according to tea_and_honey’s thread on the SilphRoad subreddit. Even though the event failed, Pokemon GO players still stayed in Chicago to play Pokemon GO regularly. Players would actively defend Gyms, tagging out good Pokemon spawns in the area, and generally enjoying the game in a city. This setup seems to be optimal as players would enjoy their game in a new area. However, the local government might need to be contacted if Niantic plans to use the whole city as their event area. More or less, the first Pokemon GO Fest didn’t fail too hard.

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