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‘Pokemon Go’ Exposed! People Deleting App From Their Mobiles – Report

‘Pokemon Go’ Exposed! People Deleting App From Their Mobiles – Report
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‘Pokemon Go’ Exposed! People Deleting App From Their Mobiles – Report

“Pokemon Go” might not be the innocent gaming app that people initially thought it was. Find out why more people are deleting it from their mobiles!

A number of security concerns were already plaguing “Pokemon Go” when it first launched in the U.S. People were not comfortable with the app asking for full access to their personal information such as contacts, media files, emails etc.

Next came the stark realization that playing “Pokemon Go” also leads to teenagers being reckless while they wander around the streets of their city after hours and trespassing illegally into private properties just to get their hands on rare Pokemon.

While the initial safety concern revolved around a psychopathic sex offender or terrorist hacking someone’s GPS location via the app’s server, the current concern is the app’s motives behind pooling such an enormous amount of personal history and private information of millions of players.

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Niantic, the makers of the app, can easily access and change someone’s emails and media files without the player in question ever finding out about it, reports Vorply. This is making people thinking twice before downloading “Pokemon Go”.

Also, one tends to accept the terms and conditions of the app, without really bothering to go through everything that is stated in it. Due to the GPS-based nature of the game, the people who play the game stand the risk of leaking their current location to any entity, the app or otherwise.

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Tech Insider had pointed it out that “Pokemon Go” checks someone’s location every few minutes. This means that even when one is not playing the game since the app already has his/her Google account info one can track one’s location even when they are at their home!

And what’s the cherry on the top? “Pokemon Go” can access your browsing history! No wonder people are deleting the app from their devices in the light of so many risks and dangers!

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