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‘Pokemon Go’ Might Be Too Dangerous For Black Men: Stephen Colbert Concurs!

‘Pokemon Go’ Might Be Too Dangerous For Black Men: Stephen Colbert Concurs!
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‘Pokemon Go’ Might Be Too Dangerous For Black Men: Stephen Colbert Concurs!

While the craze of “Pokemon Go” sweeps the world, black men are largely staying away from the most popular gaming app! Find out why!

After two black citizens were brutally shot down by the American police earlier this month, sensitivity towards racial discrimination is at its all time high.

Unfortunately, while the latest augmented reality game, ‘Pokemon Go’, is uniting players all across the United States, the black people continue to feel alienated, unable to freely commit themselves to the rising phenomenon.

According to Mobile Lifestyle, Afro-American people are too paranoid to venture out at any hours of the day (but especially at night) and walk around alone in the city looking for rare Pokemon.

“Pokemon Go” News

News of non-players getting annoyed by “Pokemon Go” players invading their private space or property is spreading like wildfire.

Black men are reportedly scared that if they are spotted violating even the smallest law while playing the game, intolerant white people would not hold back from exercising their second amendment rights.

Also, if there is a mysterious gathering of predominantly black people near PokeStops, it might result in the police getting suspicious. And since it has been proven that the police harbor a “shoot first, ask questions later” attitude towards the blacks, more of the latter could end up losing their lives!

A gig in the “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” also recently addressed this issue, though in a light-hearted manner.

While the gig originally started out as a swing against Donald Trump for having “0% support from black voters in Ohio”, as reported by NBC News, it culminated with a black person feigning arrest by the police for playing “Pokemon Go”.

“I am confused officer, do you want me to freeze or do you want me to get down on the floor and shut up?” said Frank Walters, the Afro-American character from the gig.

Though it was only a gig, meant to draw laughter, it was definitely a throwback to the gruesome incidents that took place earlier this month.

Check out the video of the gig from “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” below!

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