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Pokémon Go Crazy Sightings & Insane Tips

Pokémon Go Crazy Sightings & Insane Tips
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Pokémon Go Crazy Sightings & Insane Tips

Pokémon Go has hit the market, and now, everyone’s talking about it. Already the leading app in the App Store, the game comes with new and amazing features, but gamers can enjoy more if they know a few tips and tricks to enhance the experience.

Pokémon Go Sightings

With monsters possibly popping out almost everywhere, there are times when sightings could be challenging or too easy, but not enough depending on what the player is looking for. A number of excellent Pokémon Go sightings have been filling up the internet, but since there are too many to collect, it is not possible to take advantage of the great ones unless players understand how it works.

Kotaku gives a rundown of the some of the best Pokémon Go sightings so far. For instance, Redditor Bringther1ot reportedly found a new Pidgey while his wife gave birth to their daughter. Another interesting sighting is when Zubat came to Amazon’s chief technology officer while off the side of the mountain.

There were also people who spotted a monster in the middle of what looks like a football field. As many users have reported, players could come across rare monsters if they try to go through bushes and grasses. It comes down to both luck and effort.

Throwing Curveballs and Earning Points

Since the game’s launch, millions of people have flocked to the game. For those who have been playing non-stop, it is likely that they have been a lot of Pokémon with Pokeballs. For those who have been flicking their fingers to catch several creatures, throwing a curveball is also possible.

According to Tech Insider, players need to hold down the ball and spin it instead of tossing. If done properly, the ball should start spinning with hints of gold around. Players need to aim and toss. Likewise, aside from managing a curveball, players can also get 10xp points if they catch a Pokémon.

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