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‘Pokemon Go’ Comic Con: Legendary Pokemon, Team Leaders & More

‘Pokemon Go’ Comic Con: Legendary Pokemon, Team Leaders & More
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‘Pokemon Go’ Comic Con: Legendary Pokemon, Team Leaders & More

The makers of “Pokemon Go” finally revealed what’s in store for the players in the future including Legendary Pokemon, Pokemon Centers, Team Leaders and more.

Even though many of the fans of the currently viral gaming app believed that Niantic has been holding back on revealing the Legendary Pokemon because it wanted it to be unveiled on the occasion of Comic Con, nothing like that happened. Here are some of the facts revealed by Niantic about “Pokemon Go” in Comic con 2016.

Legendary Pokemon

The fans were disappointed to find out that Niantic wasn’t planning on uncovering their range of Legendary Pokemon at the Comic Con event. The CEO of Niantic Labs, John Hanke assured the gathered fans that work was in progress and the players would get to meet the Legendary Pokemon soon enough.

“There are a certain set of Pokémon in the game right now. There are some rare ones that haven’t showed up yet that will be showing up,” he said, reports Polygon.

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Pokemon Centers

“Pokemon Go” makers also revealed a scoop on the possibility of PokeStops getting an upgrade in the near future. In the original Pokemon Series, the Pokemon Centers are places where a Pokemon goes for recovery after being sick or injured in a battle.

While the PokeStops are designed on that concept in “Pokemon Go”, they do not carry the healing facilities provided by the Pokemon Centers. Niantic is currently working on a way to endow PokeStops with the said facilities and also increase the number of PokeStops around the countries, reports Engadget.

Team Leaders

While Teams Valor, Mystic, and Instinct are more or less similar at the moment, making the act of choosing one of them kind of pointless, it is soon going to changes. Huge changes are in store for Teams, beginning with each team having it’s own powerful leader.

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The leader of each team will be responsible for advising the members of his/her team and helping out whenever they can. This is also a throwback to the kind of relationship that existed between the trainer and the leaders in the original series.

Bug Fixes

Hanke also urged “Pokemon Go” players to be patient regarding the glitches and server problems that have been plaguing the game for ages now. He explained that since they are gradually expanding the game far and wide, into other countries, maintaining a network of servers is becoming a challenge.

“We’re working hard,” said Hanke and encouraged the fans to stay calm and bear with them till they can set up a full-proof system.

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Easter Eggs

For the people who have already caught all the Pokemon there are to catch, Hanke says that they can try to uncover some of the “Easter Eggs” that are still well hidden within the game.

One of them was, of course, the big reveal that changing the nickname of Eevee can let the players control what Pokemon it would evolve into. Hanke says that there are a lot more “Easter Eggs” just like that, which are still to be uncovered. So happy searching!

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