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‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats: Let Bots Catch Pokemon For You!

‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats: Let Bots Catch Pokemon For You!
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‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats: Let Bots Catch Pokemon For You!

Tired of walking around the city in search of rare Pokemon? “Pokemon Go” bots can do the job for you and make you the ultimate Pokemon trainer in days!

Ever since the launch of “Pokemon Go”, people have been running to parks, city landmarks, parking lots, lakes and where not to get their hands on as many Pokemon as they can. Now they have the option of reaching the top level in “Pokemon Go” without ever stepping out of their houses.

Thanks to “Pokemon Go” bots, the entire point of exploring the world while playing the game has been rendered null and void. One just needs to enter one’s Latitude and Longitude, a few “Pokemon Go” account details and sit back while the bots do all the brunt work.

The bots use the simulation technique to trick the game into believing that you are actually walking. Much like a movie that plays out by itself, as soon as the bots locate a Pokemon nearby, it immediately walks towards it, all the while sending fake GPS signals to the “Pokemon Go” server.

‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats

It then uses an API call to catch the Pokemon before moving onto its next target. The augmented reality game suddenly becomes a textbook which constantly reminds you of your increasing stats and you are stuck flipping the pages until you hit the last chapter, in case Level 40.

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According to Ars Technica, even though the game pretty much enters the boring arena if one opts for “Pokemon Go” bots, it is also the most efficient way to move up in the game, since the bits can move quicker than is “humanly possible”.

According to The Verge, a player with the username “_problemz” recently boasted of reaching Level 40 on “Pokemon Go” using the bots on Reddit. He reportedly was not looking to cheat but only to test out the bots and find out what the maximum level of the game is.

‘Pokemon Go’ Bots

Most of the players get stuck at Level 19 or 20, beyond which the game requires one to have insane amounts of experience points in their possession. For example, one has to have a whopping 20 million points if one wishes to progress from Level 39 to Level 40!

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However, as mentioned earlier, “_problemz” did not cheat for the sake of cheating and he proved that his conscience was clear when he says,

“I didn’t fight in gyms. And I won’t do it. I don’t want to take anyone the fun of this game”.

He even requested Niantic to delete his account post-confession. But players need not be discouraged thinking that one cannot achieve great feats in this game by honest means. Nick Johnson became the first player to “catch ‘em all” and complete the North American Pokedex last week.

Nick spoke to MNU in an exclusive interview reiterating his journey and tips that helped him achieve the impossible! Check out Nick’s interview here.

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