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‘Pokémon Go’ Cheats: Find All Pokémon Using This Google Map (Lazy Players Edition)

‘Pokémon Go’ Cheats: Find All Pokémon Using This Google Map (Lazy Players Edition)
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‘Pokémon Go’ Cheats: Find All Pokémon Using This Google Map (Lazy Players Edition)

Do you want to exactly where all the Pokemon and PokeStops as in “Pokemon Go” so that you can “catch them all” without wasting time? This Google Map helps you do just that!

Don’t you just hate having to wander around the streets of your city aimlessly, hoping that you will get lucky come across a rare Pokemon? Now you can know exactly where each Pokemon can be found and where all the PokeStops are located in your city!

A “Pokemon Go” fan has developed a Google Map that pinpoints the locations of every Pokemon on the Pokedex as well as the PokeStops that you can hit to stock up on Poke Balls, Potions and more!

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Ahmed Almutawa, the developer of this “Pokemon Go” hack has painstakingly gone through all the spoilers, rumors and proofs of Pokemon locations posted online by various players and pieced them together on an easy-to-follow Google Map!

The Map has since gone viral on Reddit, with players, who do not want to find Pokemons the traditional (read: clueless) way, looking it up and actually finding it extremely useful, International Business Times.

This Google Map is slowly gaining popularity as the ultimate hack as more and more players have come forward to add to it by information that they have gathered during their hunting trips!

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More people are preferring this Map nowadays, over the inbuilt “Pokemon Go” map, because the latter has been recently developing some glitches due to such frequent server crashes.

The Google Map developed by Ahmed pinpoints the location of each Pokemon by their personalized icons, which are hard to miss.  One can also use a filter to eliminate all other icons and focus solely on the Pokemon that they are searching for.

This is a dream come true for the players who want to “catch them all” without extra effort! Download this ultimate “Pokemon Go” cheat here.

For the latest ‘Pokemon Go’ News, please stay tuned in to this site.

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