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Pokémon GO Cheats: Eevee Evolution Trick, How to Unlock Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon

Pokémon GO Cheats: Eevee Evolution Trick, How to Unlock Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon
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Pokémon GO Cheats: Eevee Evolution Trick, How to Unlock Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon

Pokémon Go has got everyone hooked but once players are far out into the game, evolving Pokémon could be quite tough unless there is a way to speed things up. There are several ways to push Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon to the next level. 

Evolving Pokémon With Candy

For the basics, each time a player catches a Pokémon for a particular series, they will receive a Candy. Each species requires a different amount of Candy to evolve them.

For monsters that require more Candy for evolving will usually have greater gains in CP. The same reason why Pokémon Go’s Magikarp requires a whole lot of Candy, 400 to evolve into Gyarados and get that much firepower. The number of monsters will stay the same as evolved Pokémon will not equate to a loss or gain in total Pokémon.

According to Express, you can evolve a Pokémon through the following steps:

  • In Map View, touch the Main Menu
  • Touch Pokémon
  • From the player’s list of Pokémon, select one Pokémon to evolve.
  • On the Pokémon’s summary, touch the Evolve Button

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Players can earn three Candy when they catch a Pokémon and transfer the monster to Professor Willow with one bonus Candy after. This means that players wishing to evolve their Pokémon can benefit a lot from catching those low-level Rattas and Pidgeys.

Hatching Pokémon eggs also earn a candy. Players can choose to place the egg in an incubator in a Pokestop and hatch it as they walk.

Eevee Evolution Trick

Players can figure out what kind of Eevee evolves into depending on the naming of the Pokémon. For instance, players who want to evolve Eevee becoming the water-type Vaporeon should name it Rainer. Those who want to to evolve Eevee towards electric-type Jolteon should choose Sparky as the name while those who want to  to evolve Eevee towards becoming a fire-type Flareon should use Pyro.

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