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‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats: 3 Great Ways To Hatch 10k Eggs (Lazy Players Edition)

‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats: 3 Great Ways To Hatch 10k Eggs (Lazy Players Edition)
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‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats: 3 Great Ways To Hatch 10k Eggs (Lazy Players Edition)

You have spent the entire day wandering around the city to capture rare Pokemon and you are too tired to walk around some more to hatch Pokemon Eggs. Find out how you can hatch eggs on “Pokemon Go” without moving a muscle!

Regardless of whether you like the comforts of your bed too much or have worn out your feet already by jogging and cycling around all day, looking for rare Pokemon, these tried and tested methods can get you out of having to walk for miles just to get Pokemon Eggs hatched.

And it’s not like you can ignore the importance of Pokemon Eggs because they are known to reward the players with some form of a rare Pokemon or the other, which one does not find anywhere else.

The only problem is that, once you obtain a Pokemon Egg and place it in an Egg Incubator, you have to walk the specified amount of distance, varying between 2k, 5k and 10k, to hatch your Egg, reports Gamepur.

While 10K eggs produce the rarest form of Pokemon, they are also the kind of eggs that require you to cover the greatest amount of distance.

Here are some of the tricks (or cheats?) that you can try to get out of walking for great lengths just to hatch Pokemon Eggs:

How To Hatch 10k Eggs

Cheat #1: Tie your smart phone around your pet (preferably a dog). Animals are known to cover more distance on foot than human beings because they don’t get easily tired. Your pet will do the distance instead of you and at a normal pace too since “Pokemon Go” app can sense if the distance is being covered within a certain speed limit – one of the reasons you can’t just speed race the distance in your sports car.

Cheat #2: Trick the game by placing your phone on a turntable and spin away the distance that you would have had to travel on foot in order to hatch Pokemon Eggs, reports LifeHacker. Just make sure that the table isn’t spinning too fast and is well within the speed limit that the app allows you to travel in order to be counted as “distance travelled”.

Cheat #3: Hire help from friends. If your friend is going on his evening Pokemon hunt, hand over your phone, unlocked and logged into the app. He has to, as it is, travel some distance in order to locate Pokemon. He can kill two birds with one stone by simultaneously covering the distance you need for hatching your Pokemon Egg. Just remember to return the favor in the near future!

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