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‘Pokemon Go’ Cheaters Banned: Find Out How To Appeal Against ‘Permanent’ Ban

‘Pokemon Go’ Cheaters Banned: Find Out How To Appeal Against ‘Permanent’ Ban
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‘Pokemon Go’ Cheaters Banned: Find Out How To Appeal Against ‘Permanent’ Ban

Niantic is getting serious about banning cheaters from playing “Pokemon Go” ever again. However, in case one’s account is wrongfully terminated, one does have the option to appeal to the makers of the app directly.

Even though Niantic does not really specify what kind of technology it is going to use to fish out the players who are using cheating software or apps to play “Pokemon Go”, an update recently added to the terms and conditions of the game suggests that things are stricter now.

Niantic is finally fed up of people hacking into its server and using other non-permitted means to get ahead in the game. Hence any player who is found cheating from now on will be facing a permanent ban on their “Pokemon Go” accounts.

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The following is a list of the kind of players, reports The Next Web, who might be or is already facing lifetime ban from “Pokemon Go”:

  • People using GPS spoofers to falsify their location on the in-app “Pokemon Go” map in order to trick app into believing they have further than they actually have in reality and collect the distance required for hatching eggs faster.
  • “Pokemon Go” hackers, who have used shady or third-party software, to hack into the server of the game and level up illegally.
  • People who have hacked into or bought the accounts of high-level players to avoid starting from the scratch or acquire rare or region-specific Pokemon.
  • People using bots, which basically allows a player to play “Pokemon Go” without having to step out of their homes.
  • Players using “cheater apps” or third-party apps which have been effectively been shut down by Niantic, example: PokeVision and PokeAdvisor.

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However, according to Heavy, if a player feels that “your account has been terminated in error incorrectly, you can appeal that termination through”. One can visit this link and fill out some details and the reason one thinks that one’s account has been wrongfully terminated.

The player is most likely to either get unbanned from “Pokemon Go” within a certain amount of time or hear back from Niantic’s support team following the submission of the appeal form.

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