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‘Pokemon GO’ Buddy Tips And FAQs: Training With A Buddy

‘Pokemon GO’ Buddy Tips And FAQs: Training With A Buddy
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‘Pokemon GO’ Buddy Tips And FAQs: Training With A Buddy

‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy system is finally here! Find out exactly how this new feature works and what all you can do with it!

‘Pokemon GO’ Buddy system is a unique and fun way to let one of the Pokemon, from your “Pokemon GO” inventory, tag along, as you explore the world and hunt down new Pokemon.

For every 1 Km, 3 Km or 5 Km you walk, you will be rewarded with a certain amount candies, depending on which Pokemon you have selected to walk with you. This is exciting in the sense that the Pokemon catching tours will no longer seem lonesome.

This also means that you will get a chance to evolve the Pokemon which do not spawn frequently in your area, for now, catching the same species of Pokemon is not the only way to earn candies.

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‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy System FAQs

However, with players getting used to using the new Buddy system, there are a ton of questions going on in their minds. Let’s attempt to solve a few:

  • Do you have to permanently stick to the Pokemon you select as your Buddy?

Thankfully, no. you can change your Buddy Pokemon as many times as you need to obtain candies for as many species of Pokemon as you want, reports Heavy.

  • Does obtaining candies for one Pokemon means obtaining candies for all the Pokemon in its species?

That is not the case. When you take one of your Pikachus for a walk, the candies earned by that Pikachu applies for that Pikachu in particular and does not apply for any other Pikachu that might be in your Pokedex. Hence, check the IVs on all the Pokemon of a species and then select the one you want to evolve in the future.

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  • Does switching one Buddy Pokemon with another one leads to losing the progress on the first one?

The progress stays intact. For example, if you have walked with Pikachu as your buddy for 2 Km and then switched to Bulbasaur, your new selection will have to start from scratch but if you revert back to that particular Pikachu, you will be able to see the 2 Km that it had already covered.

  • What happens when a Buddy Pokemon is evolved?

When you evolve the Pokemon you were using as your Buddy, it, unfortunately, loses all its progress since the evolved form of the Pokemon is considered to be a fresh new Pokemon.

  • What can a Buddy Pokemon do apart from walking alongside the player?

A Buddy Pokemon can do some of the things that a regular Pokemon in “Pokemon GO” can do, for example, attack an enemy gym or train at a friendly one, reports a Sub Redditor.

  • What are the things that a Buddy Pokemon cannot do?

A Buddy Pokemon cannot be stationed at a gym as a defender Pokemon and it cannot be transferred to the professor in return for rewards.

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