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Pokémon Go Buddy: Release Date, Details And More

Pokémon Go Buddy: Release Date, Details And More
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Pokémon Go Buddy: Release Date, Details And More

Niantic just announced a new and exciting upcoming update which is called the “Pokémon Go” buddy! Find out what it is and when it comes out on the app.

Do you often get lonely walking by yourself for miles in order to hatch eggs or hit PokeStops to collect items? Well, now you don’t have to! You can have some specialized Pokémon which are designed to walk beside you on your Pokemon Go journey!

Niantic is coming up with new “Pokémon Go” updates every two weeks in its efforts to keep the game as interesting as possible for its players and the buddy system is one such attempt.

“Pokémon Go” buddy is basically a new way of letting the players earn more candies for evolving their Pokemon faster. Previously, the only way one could earn candies was by capturing enough species of the Pokemon he/she wants to evolve.

Pokemon Go Buddy Details

While this was no doubt a fun experience, it also meant that one had to wait a long time for evolving certain Pokémon, especially for people who live in places which host fewer Pokémon nests.

The decision to make it easier for people to acquire candies to evolve their Pokémon also might be because Niantic wants their players to get the full experience of the second generation Pokémon that is impending release.

Some of the already evolved first generation Pokémon will have the opportunity to evolve into the second generation Pokémon, hopefully with enough candies. So this might be Niantic’s way of letting its players stock up on candies for that important change.

Pokemon Go Buddy Release Date

According to Trainer Tips, there will be three types of Pokémon introduced in “Pokémon Go” buddy system. Depending on their size and positioning they will range from “Buddy Big”, “Buddy Medium”, “Buddy Flying” and “Buddy Shoulder”.

Even though the exact details of what these Pokémon might be have not been released yet or how and when they can be called into action, their names hint at the fact that not all of them might be walking alongside the players.

While some might be flying beside a player, some might even sit on their shoulder while a player hunts down more Pokémon.

According to Heavy, “Pokémon Go” buddy may be released soon after Labor Day, so it’s wise to keep a lookout for any possible new updates on the app.

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