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Pokemon Go ‘Bandwagoners’: Here’s What Longtime Fans Have To Say

Pokemon Go ‘Bandwagoners’: Here’s What Longtime Fans Have To Say
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Pokemon Go ‘Bandwagoners’: Here’s What Longtime Fans Have To Say

Pokemon Go still hasn’t been out for more than a month, but the app has already broken records around the world. It is assumed, according to SimilarWeb, that it will be installed in more U.S. Android devices versus Tinder, and that it will surpass the daily active users of Twitter. Now that’s a lot of users.

Bandwagoners Harming Pokemon?

Of course, one can assume that a significant portion of the millions of current Pokemon Go players are newbies, or those who’ve never played a Pokemon game or watched a single episode of the anime. A few fans, though, seemed to have strong feelings against the newcomers, or who they call bandwagoners.

In the YouTube video below, for example, user SwaggerWolf calls the app’s players “hipster pieces of sh*t.” According to him, people who haven’t played a Pokemon game in twenty years should not call themselves experts. “Now, my favorite f*cking game, Pokemon, has fallen victim to the bandwagons.”

But can casual gamers still enjoy the game? Yes, according to SwaggerWolf. “But just acknowledge what you are, what your fandom is. It is for Pokemon Go. It is not for Pokemon itself.”

Pokemon Go about ‘Making Friends’

But one Pokemon fan has a different way of looking at things. Kristian Lising, owner of the Facebook page Pokemons of Manila, posted a video of himself (below) welcoming bandwagoners and those getting to know the more than 700 Pokemons for the first time.

In the video, Kristian says, “To all the bandwagoners out there, welcome! Welcome to the Pokemon World, guys!

“Pokemon [Go] is never about who’s been playing the longest. It’s about making friends and getting off your *ss…”

In an email sent to Morning News USA, Kristian revealed that while he understands the sentiments of longtime Pokemon fans, he does not agree “with all the negativity they are spreading.”

Kristian, a 26-year-old working in a bank, admitted that co-workers do not always take him seriously, but now that Pokemon Go has been released, things seemed to have taken a 360-degree turn. “The people that made fun of me for playing Pokemon are the ones that are now getting excited about it and that’s irksome,” he wrote.

Still, Kristian sees no problem with being a bandwagoner. “Don’t mind those people saying, ‘Oh you’re not a Pokemon fan, blah-blah,’” he says in the video. “Just play, enjoy Pokemon, and share it to the world.”

So bandwagoner or not, players are indeed playing Pokemon Go with much enthusiasm, and there is no denying that the app is set to take over the world. That, considering how it still hasn’t been released in “countries beyond New Zealand, Australia, US and Germany,” according to Niantic’s email to IGN.

In fact, Pokemon Go still hasn’t been released in Japan, of all places.

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