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Pokemon Go Asia Release Hoax? Delays & Where To Get App

Pokemon Go Asia Release Hoax? Delays & Where To Get App
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Pokemon Go Asia Release Hoax? Delays & Where To Get App

People are going crazy over Pokemon Go, but the main question is, why isn’t it released in its birthplace and neighboring countries? Fortunately, new reports confirm that Pokemon Go will be available in Asia in the next few hours. How can Pokemon fans gain access to it? 

Pokemon Go Release Unsure?

Nintendo’s “Pokémon Go” is now available in regions like Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. Most recently, the game dropped in Germany, but not yet in Japan and the rest of Asia.

“Pokemon Go has been released in several countries, but it will take a bit longer in Japan. Please wait patiently for a bit longer,” Japan Times quoted Kento Suga, a marketing manager in the Asian region for Niantic Inc.

The company has worked with Nintendo Co. and the Pokemon Company on Pokemon Go. The post from the official garnered some frustrated responses from users, with some saying they cannot wait to play the game.

Pokemon Company spokeswoman, Morotsuki, told Japan Times, on the condition that her first name be witheld, that the date remains uncertain. This is despite reports saying Pokemon Go is scheduled to release in Asia in the next 48 hours.

“There had been reports that guessed it will be released either this week or this month, but we haven’t made an official announcement yet,” said the spokeswoman.

Telltale Signs of Release

Nonetheless, Hypebeast did report that Pokemon Go should come within the next 48 hours from the time of writing. Nonetheless, the report also claimed that the Pokemon Company is asking users to “please wait for a while” until the app reaches the intended markets.

Despite the delay, there are several telltale signs that the game is approaching other markets. These include servers strengthening for the last couple of days, and servers increasing their load capacity with reduced reports of glitches.

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