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Pokemon Go Advanced Tricks: How To Find The Pokemon You Need

Pokemon Go Advanced Tricks: How To Find The Pokemon You Need
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Pokemon Go Advanced Tricks: How To Find The Pokemon You Need

Pokemon Go has got people going to many places, finding the monsters they want and need. Fortunately, there’s a way to find them all, advancing user experience to a whole new level. 

Find all Pokémon!

Pokémon Go has changed the way people play games. It took a popular classic closer to real life. However, the game does not make it easier for people to find the monsters. Interestingly, it is also the one thing that makes it fun, because people will have to start walking without any idea what they’ll get.

Nonetheless, there will come a point where a player will have to search of a specific Pokémon. Thankfully, developers Braydon Batungbacal and Nick DiVona discovered a way to make things easier: the Poke Radar.

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According to Paste Magazine, Poke Radar is a mobile app (iOS only) and website that offers locations of nearby Pokémon. However, players will have to make do with the level the player is tied into, so the program is not foolproof but offers a better view of Pokémon locations.

The app crowd-sources information from other Pokémon Go players. The only downside is that some tips could be fake, so players will have to rely on ratings given to a sighting. Hint: rare Pokémon sighting that has poor ratings should most likely be fake.

Pokémon Advanced Tricks

For other tips and tricks, one way to get ahead of the game is to know some advanced moves. For instance, swiping the PokeBall button can be a quick gateway for menu access. The PokeBall icon at the bottom of the screen can be used to access features like captured Pokémon, Items, Pokedex, in-game menus including the Shop, according to Lifehacker.

Players can tap the icon then go to these menus, but the better option is to access with just one swipe. Swipe the PokeBall to the left to get instant access. Swipe right, then players can access their items. Swipe up to access the shop.

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