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Pokemon GO: 2 Former Marines Help Catch Attempted Murderer While Playing

Pokemon GO: 2 Former Marines Help Catch Attempted Murderer While Playing
Pokemon GO Eduardo Woo / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Pokemon GO: 2 Former Marines Help Catch Attempted Murderer While Playing

It was supposed to be a fun day for former Marine Corps service members Seth Ortega and Javier Soch. They were both out playing the new virtual reality game Pokemon GO when they spotted someone sinister on the streets. That’s when they leaped into action to catch someone else other than Pokémon.

Ortega, 24, and Soch, 26, are roommates in Placentia playing the Pokémon GO game on their smartphones for about an hour. They were near a museum at Pomona and Wilshire avenues when Soch noticed an odd-looking man bothering a woman and her three sons.

Soch noted that his clothes were mismatched. He wore an oversized jacket and a baseball cap. He was holding onto an artificial rose. Soch saw him looking fidgety and snapping his fingers. That’s when the two former marines decided to approach him.

As they walked over, the man told the roommates that he was looking for cigarettes or shelter. Ortega explained to The Los Angeles Times that he suggested the man to go over to the police station for help.

“If you go, they can point you to resources,” Ortega explained to the man. The man walked away and approached another mother with two sons. He exchanged words with the mother before walking away. As he did, though, the roommates saw the man wipe his hand across one of the boy’s chest.

“We kept our distance. We didn’t want to alert the guy and escalate the situation,” Soch explained.

However, their stance changed when they saw the man go over to where the mother and two boys. The man grabbed one of boy’s feet while moving his hand up the boy’s leg. Seeing this, they rushed over to the man and escorted him away. They stayed with the man until police arrived at the scene.

They would soon learn that the man they had detained, Jacob Kells, had a warrant of arrest for attempted murder, possession of a stolen vehicle, and assaulting a peace officer back in Monterey County. Fullerton Police also arrested Kells previously for suspicion of child annoyance.

Following the incident, Soch took the time to remind the public to be more conscious about their safety, especially when playing Pokémon GO.

“The best thing I can say: Remind yourself that you are not in the phone playing the game. Look around and be more aware,” he said.

Meanwhile, ABC 7 reports that Kells will be extradited to Sonoma to face his attempted murder charge.

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