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‘Pokemon Go’ 0.31.0 Update: Transfer Button, Battery Saver, Tracking Feature Reportedly Gone

‘Pokemon Go’ 0.31.0 Update: Transfer Button, Battery Saver, Tracking Feature Reportedly Gone
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‘Pokemon Go’ 0.31.0 Update: Transfer Button, Battery Saver, Tracking Feature Reportedly Gone

Key features of “Pokemon Go” have disappeared after the players downloaded the latest update! Check out which features have gone missing!

Tranfer Button

People are panicked to find that the Transfer option on “Pokemon Go” is no longer where it previously was after they installed the latest update for the app! So where is the Transfer button now?

Don’t worry, candy-crazed players, you can still transfer extra Pokemon to Professor Willow, in exchange for candies. Obtaining candies are a vital part of the game that enables the players to evolve their Pokemon and make them even stronger.

In the original Pokemon series, where the Pokemon trainers were only permitted to carry 6 Pokemon with them at a time, and any extras that they would catch would automatically get transferred back to their respective professors back in their homeland.

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However, in “Pokemon Go” one has to specifically select the Transfer option to send back some of the extra Pokemon and trade them for candies, reports Heavy. But did “Pokemon Go” just do away with the Transfer button because it is no longer located in the bottom of the screen?

The Transfer button has just shifted  to the bottom right corner, represented by three horizontal lines. Clicking it opens up a popup menu carrying the Transfer option! The procedure of transferring the Pokemon remains the same.

Footprints Feature

The same cannot be said for the footprints feature in the Pokemon tracking system which showed how far a Pokemon is in the vicinity and if one is nearing its prey or not.

The footprints feature have been eliminated from the tracking system and there is now no way of knowing which Pokemon is the nearest and which is the farthest away from a player, reports Mirror.

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Battery Saving Mode

Since “Pokemon Go” is a highly power-draining app, one was grateful for the power-saving option available within the app. this allowed the players, who have to travel around the city to play the game, play at a stretch for a longer period of time, without halting for a battery recharge outlet.

So, it makes no sense that the makers would take that indispensable feature away from the app and replace it instead with a feature that apparently dims the screen when it senses a mobile device being put down. A player, while exploring the city, hardly puts his mobile device down, so the renewed feature does not really end up saving much battery.

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