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Podesta Emails Batch 9 Released: Where To Find It

Podesta Emails Batch 9 Released: Where To Find It
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Podesta Emails Batch 9 Released: Where To Find It

On Saturday morning, WikiLeaks released the ninth batch of the Podesta emails.

The crusading organization released the new set of the more than 800 emails. The organization claimed that these were taken from the archive of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

WikiLeaks claims it has almost 50,000 of Podesta’s messages. It also indicated that there were plans to release them in batches in the long run.

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As earlier reported by Morning News USA, U.S. intelligence agencies stated that the release might have been a part of a Russia-backed plot to interrupt with the presidential election.

After releasing the newest batch of Podesta emails, Julian Assange’s organization released a tweet. In the tweet, the organization said, “RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 9 

The latest Sundays release contained information on how Hillary Clinton’s campaign can approach black voters. The set also included information on how the candidate can handle apologies, and how she can deal with the media.

It was reported by USA Today that Republican nominee Donald Trump and his supporters said that the emails revealed “pay to play” relationships during Clinton’s term as secretary of state.

“They let Crooked & the Gang off the hook for the crime, but it looks like the cover-up is just as bad. Unbelievable!” Trump tweeted on Sunday.

However, the Clinton front was in absolute denial of these emails. They even said that a few of these emails have been doctored. The full set of emails are available on the official WikiLeaks page.

“I don’t give credence to any of these dumped documents because I don’t even know if they’re accurate,” Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine said.

“And they are part of an effort by the Russians.”

According to FOX News, the juiciest part of the emails was about the San Bernardino, California shooter. Consultant Karen Finney forwarded the email to Podesta, informing him of the shooter’s name, Sayeed Farook.

In response, Podesta replied, “Better if a guy named Sayeed Farouk [sic] was reporting that a guy named Christopher Hayes was the shooter.”

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