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‘PlayStation 5’, Microsoft ‘Xbox Two’ To Be Launched By 2018?

‘PlayStation 5’, Microsoft ‘Xbox Two’ To Be Launched By 2018?
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‘PlayStation 5’, Microsoft ‘Xbox Two’ To Be Launched By 2018?

Sony and Microsoft are planning to launch the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two before the decade ends. Get the complete story here.

Gamers enjoying the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 will soon get a chance to switch to new gaming consoles. News is that Sony and Microsoft are working on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two, respectively. Experts believe we can expect these consoles to be launched before the decade ends.

Sony and Microsoft are said to be working on 4K resolution, which will be the most used technology by the time PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two hit the markets. The existing consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, are still relatively new. Not many games have been introduced to these machines yet. So the companies have ample time to bring in new consoles, as gamers are still busy exploring current ones. The only problem with these gaming machines is that their processing power is unable to deliver 4K resolution, which is becoming the trend today. So while Microsoft and Sony are allowing people to enjoy these consoles, they might launch the new machines by 2018, or else they may lag behind in terms of technology.

Xbox Two and PS5 may also be packed with chipsets developed by AMD, just like existing consoles that use AMD APUs. These are based on the Jaguar microarchitecture. The report published on ValueWalk says, “The general feeling is that AMD has offered a platform which has enabled the cross-platform development of games to be carried out smoothly. And this makes it likely that the company will remain part of the manufacturing processes related to both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two.”

Rumors also suggest that AMD may also come up with a processing unit that works five times faster than those of the current gaming consoles. Experts also believe that the chipsets’ main focus is on the latest technology, Virtual Reality.

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