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PlayStation 4.5 Release Date Possibly Confirmed, Specs & Price

PlayStation 4.5 Release Date Possibly Confirmed, Specs & Price
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PlayStation 4.5 Release Date Possibly Confirmed, Specs & Price

Sony has been keeping its upcoming console in the closet for far too long. PlayStation 4.5 has been speculated to feature 4k technology, but the tech giant has been hesitant about making any official statements. However, according to a recent source, the upgraded console’s arrival is closer than we expected.

Sony to Name Upcoming Console as PS4 Neo 4K?  

According to International Business Times, PlayStation 4.5 will be released this October. The news agency got its hands on an official statement by French site Otaxou in a financial report posted by Boursier which talks about the “arrival of the PS4 Neo 4K.”

Is this the official name of the console? Well, this information is hanging by a thread as Boursier withdrew its claims in a follow-up, stating “no official information” has been announced so far regarding PS4 Neo 4K.

In terms of specs, the console is reported to be designed to handle games that are graphically taxing. Moreover, it is believed to be developed to support PlayStation VR. We believe that the aim is to run titles like “Uncharted 4” in 4k resolution at a stable 60 FPS.

As Giant Bomb reported, the hardware specs of NEO will involve upgrading its CPU to 8 jaguar Cores 2.1 GHz, tweaks to upgrade GPU (AMD GCN, 36 CUs 911 MHz), improve clock speed compared to the original PS4, and include higher bandwidth memory (8 GB GDDR5 218 GB/s).

While most of the gaming community have been frustrated with Sony for the early arrival of a new console, we believe the pricing of PS4 Neo won’t be premium compared to Xbox consoles. According to PC Advisor, the PS4.5 price would probably cost around £400 ($588 or lesser).

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