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‘Planet Earth 2’ Trailer: BBC Faked Footage With CGI, Report

‘Planet Earth 2’ Trailer: BBC Faked Footage With CGI, Report
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‘Planet Earth 2’ Trailer: BBC Faked Footage With CGI, Report

It is alleged that BBC used visual effects for a particular scene in the trailer of its documentary show “Planet Earth 2.”

Planet Earth 2: BBC Faked Scene?

The BBC uploaded the trailer of its documentary on YouTube. The clip features a group of snakes chasing an iguana.

Accusations spread saying BBC used the power of computer graphics to capture the distressing “iguana vs. snake” scene.

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Meanwhile, the video has already gone viral. The BBC show was praised for the excellent camera work. However, there are many who criticized the video by saying it was fake. They said it was not created by filming live subjects but by using computer technology.

According to another YouTube video, certain parts of the iguana and snake chase scene were simulated on a computer. However, there is no proof in the video that BBC manipulated the scene. All that the video states is speculative and not factual.

The creator of the video, Landwelder, offers no proof. In contrast, he makes certain observations based on unverified sources.

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The BBC encountered a similar controversy in 2011. The corporation was caught using footage from a zoo in their “Frozen Planet” documentary.

Planet Earth 2: BBC’s Response

As a response to the recent controversy, BBC released two “behind-the-scenes” videos showing the making of the chase scene.

According to Gizmodo, producers told them that not a single section of the documentary was made with computer graphics.

“Our cameras record four times more detail than the HD images seen on our previous programmes and that makes some of the images seem almost unbelievable,” BBC said.

“A few viewers think such detail must be computer generated but the reality is that Mother Nature is much better at making animals than any CGI artist – we just haven’t had the ability to show this level of detail until now.”

The corporation also said that they always wanted to show the beauty of mother nature in every detail.

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