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Planet Earth 2 Has A Happy Ending After All

Planet Earth 2 Has A Happy Ending After All
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Planet Earth 2 Has A Happy Ending After All

Earlier this year, BBC launched a splendid television show for animal lovers – Planet Earth 2, which premiered Nov. 6. The show is a sequel to the 2006 Planet Earth documentary series and also BBC’s first attempt with Ultra-high-definition (4K).

The Sunday, Dec. 11 episode titled “Cities” was, no doubt, an amazing one and those who watched the show could vouch for that. However, one particular scene could have put some viewers off, that of a bale of baby turtles seemingly lost.

So, to let viewers know as to what really happened to the baby turtles, BBC has a few facts to share.

What went wrong with the turtles?

It was evident from the broadcast that a herd of newborn turtles drifted the wrong way. The hatchlings crawled towards the town, instead of the sea, confused by the bright lights of the city.

While it was enough reason to give viewers the shivers regarding the safety of the turtles, BBC said all of them were rescued after the show.

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Did the turtles make it?

In a report by BBC Newsround, the channel said a certain Barbados Sea Turtle project took care of the little creatures. The project is aimed at taking care of turtles, and have saved the lives of thousands of turtles worldwide.

Project staff were present while the Planet Earth 2 crew filmed the little sea turtles emerging from their eggs, BBC said. The staff were also present during the filming of the baby turtles struggling up the beach, in an attempt to show the challenges these creatures face.

BBC finally added that when the team wrapped up the shooting, the conservationist staff stepped in and collected the sea turtles. They then took them to the sea and released the turtles in the water, where they will live for the rest of their lives.

So, to conclude, the baby turtles are safe, yes, in the sea, which is where they should be. As they say, all’s well that ends well. Happy Ending!

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