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Plane Collision: 4 Killed After Planes Collide Mid-Air Near San Diego’s Brown Field

Plane Collision: 4 Killed After Planes Collide Mid-Air Near San Diego’s Brown Field
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Plane Collision: 4 Killed After Planes Collide Mid-Air Near San Diego’s Brown Field

Two planes collided midair northeast of Brown Field Municipal Airport in San Diego, killing four people, authorities said.

‘Very violent crash’, aircraft in ‘multiple pieces’

The incident, which involved a twin-engine Sabreliner and a single-engine Cessna 172, occurred at approximately 11 a.m. near Otay Mesa Road and Harvest Street, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokesman Ian Gregor said.

“It appears that it was a very violent crash as you can tell by both aircrafts that are in multiple pieces,” Cal Fire Division Chief Nick Schuler said, as reported by NBC San Diego.

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Schuler further said that the debris from the accident was discovered scattered for about a quarter of a mile. The fire was contained in less than an hour by emergency responders.

According to 10 News, one officer reporting the crash said that one of the two planes may have struck the power lines at a nearby correctional facility. Both of the planes were headed towards Brown Field.

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The fire did not cause damage to property, though it did spread to two acres where the Cessna crashed.

According to The San Diego Union Tribune, a Chula Vista firefighter sustained heat related malady and was subsequently taken to the hospital. The temperatures in the area had risen to 100 degrees as a result of the fire, officials said.

Gregor said that the circumstances surrounding the accident were being investigated by the FAA and the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB).


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