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Plague In Pueblo County Kills One Adult

Plague In Pueblo County Kills One Adult
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Plague In Pueblo County Kills One Adult

A plague was confirmed to be the cause of death of an adult recently, according to the latest statement released by the Pueblo City-County Health Department. This is said to be the first time a resident of Pueblo County has contracted the plague since 2004.

Pueblo City-County Health Department Public Health Director Sylvia Proud had conveyed her condolences to the family in behalf of the entire department. She has also said that the investigation is still ongoing. Moreover, it is possible that the said individual had contracted the plague through a dead rodent or another animal. In addition, Proud also urged other residents to protect themselves as well as their pets to avoid being exposed to fleas, which carry the plague.

The plague can readily spread among rodents in a localized area and this can readily result in a massive animal “die-offs.” As of the moment, there is only one case of an animal who contracted the plague in Pueblo County. The said animal was found in Turkey Creek. Nonetheless, Proud cautioned residents that the plague can readily occur in other parts of Pueblo County.

Residents are now being asked to call or report any “unusual die-off” of rabbits or prairie dogs to the Pueblo City-Country Health Department. Moreover, residents are also asked to keep their distance from the die-off area.

The plague is caused by a bacterium known as Yersinia pestis, which is often transmitted from rodent to rodent through infected fleas. The plague typically manifests symptoms in an infected person around 2 to 6 days after exposure. Symptoms may include chills, weakness, fever as well as swollen and painful lymph nodes. Moreover, pneumonia can also be a first symptom. When caught in time, the plague can actually be treated with antibiotics.

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