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This Pizza Is All Cheese, Even The Crust

All-Cheese Pizza YouTube


This Pizza Is All Cheese, Even The Crust

If you love pizza and you’re conscious about the carbs, here is a pizza that is perfect for you.

Vito Iacopelli has always been passionate about pizza. He is actually the owner of a pizzeria in Hollywood named Prova. At the same time, he has a successful YouTube channel where regularly shares various tips and recipes for pizza. This time, he thought he would do something that has never been done before. He wanted to make a pizza that is made entirely out of cheese. In fact, even the crust on his pizza is made with mozzarella cheese.

“I came up with this idea because on my YouTube channel, every week I create a special pizza that doesn’t exist in the world,” Iacopelli told Los Angeles Times. “I was making fresh mozzarella for my pizza and decided: Why not try to make a whole pizza with mozarella? And actually it came out fantastic.”

This pizza is prepared table-side.

In his restaurant, Iacopelli is serving his latest pizza creation table-side. The metal cart that is rolled next to your table. What you will immediately see is a bowl of hot water with cheese curds that Iacopelli himself has just made and sliced in his kitchen. There are also other bowls on the table to complete the pizza assembly. These include shredded fresh mozzarella, dried oregano, basil, sliced cherry tomatoes and other delicious toppings.

With a wooden spoon, Iacopelli combines and stretches the curds in order to make mozzarella cheese. He would keep stretching the curds until they are smooth. After this, Iacopelli would form the cheese into a ball. Once this is done, he would put the mozzarella cheese on a plate and begin to stretch and flatten it. He would keep on doing this until he is able to form what looks like a pizza crust. Ideally, the thickness of this crust should be around half an inch. Once he gets the thickness that he wants, the would dunk the mozzarella cheese in cold water to immediately stop the stretching and cooking.

Once the pizza crust is ready, Iacopelli proceeds to put all the toppings on the stretched mozzarella cheese. Soon after, it is ready to eat. It’s a great pizza to have especially if you are looking for something low in carbs or gluten-free.

Go ahead and order it at Iacopelli’s restaurant. It may not be on the menu, but it’s available on Friday and Saturday nights. One pizza is prized at $40 and it’s good for two.

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