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Pittsburgh Restaurant Gives ‘A Day Without A Woman’ Paid Leaves

Pittsburgh Restaurant Gives ‘A Day Without A Woman’ Paid Leaves
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Pittsburgh Restaurant Gives ‘A Day Without A Woman’ Paid Leaves

One restaurant in Pittsburgh has made it clear that it stands with women on the day of the “A Day Without A Woman” strike. In fact, Scratch Food & Beverage owner Don Mahaney has granted all his female employees paid leave in order of the strike and International Women’s Day.

The “A Day Without Woman” strike was organized by the Women’s March organization. Held on March 8, the nationwide event was about women coming together in the spirit of justice, equity, and human rights. As participation, women chose to take the day off from work, whether it was a paid or unpaid leave. They also avoided shopping for a day, with the exception of businesses owned by women and minority. At the same time, women wore red as a sign of solidarity.

For Mahaney, he believes women deserve to have their special day. More importantly, he believes his female should not have to go unpaid just because they chose not to come to work in honor of the strike. According to a report by Huffington Post, the restaurant owner believes that women tend to “get the short end of the stick from the day they’re born.”

Mahaney: Women get 80 cents to the dollar.

Mahaney also said it was actually his female bar manager, Mandi Crosby, who inspired him to take initiative. Crosby had asked to take the day so that she herself could attend the events. “It’s just one day of the year. We owe it to them to recognize the basic fact that they get 80 cents to the dollar,” Mahaney remarked. Of the 11 restaurant staff working for Mahaney, seven are women.

Male bartenders filled in for the women.

To help run the restaurant while the women get some time off, Mahaney had arranged for male bartenders from local wellness program Farm to Table Pittsburgh to cover their shifts. At the same time, Scratch also held an evening fundraiser for the benefit of Planned Parenthood. The event even featured a bartending appearance by Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto. Off the fundraiser, Mahaney said having Planned Parenthood as the beneficiary “just made sense to me.”

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Elsewhere around Pittsburgh, other businesses have also followed Mahaney’s lead. According to a report from Channel 11 WPXI, other businesses in the area also chose to give their women employees the day off with pay. Some even decided to close shop for the day.

Meanwhile, Mahaney admits that while feedback regarding his decision was met with a lot of positive response, there are also those who have been harsh on him. Some critics asked, “When’s men’s day off?” There are others who also accused Mahaney of “reverse sexism.”

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