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Pippa Middleton Engagement: Queen Elizabeth Embarrassed Of ‘Wild’ Commoners?

Pippa Middleton Engagement: Queen Elizabeth Embarrassed Of ‘Wild’ Commoners?
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Pippa Middleton Engagement: Queen Elizabeth Embarrassed Of ‘Wild’ Commoners?

Queen Elizabeth may not be all too happy about Pippa Middleton’s society wedding in the offing next year.

The latter’s wedding to her fiancé James Matthews will be one of the biggest society weddings off the year in 2017. But, this time around, the queen has more reasons to worry.

Pippa Middleton’s would-be brother-in-law, the former “Made in Chelsea” star Spencer Matthews, 28, is a “wild” child. He is a party animal who reportedly was into several months of drinking; he also was into drugs like cocaine and LSD, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports.

The younger and controversial Mathews’ “countless sexual liaisons” are known widely. He has a thing for “petite brunettes” and even has contact with his ex-girlfriends. The reality TV star confessed to sleeping with more than 1000 women in his memoir, “Confessions of a Chelsea Boy,” The Sun reports.

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Also, he admitted to having “an unhealthy appetite for sex,” in an interview with The Sun. All these facts put together will be a cause of concern both for Queen Elizabeth as well as the Middletons, as he is now officially a part of the family. The “wild” child may cause embarrassment to the queen and the British royals in future.

James Matthews’ parents David Matthews and Jane Parker, own the exclusive Eden Rock hotel in St Barts in the Caribbean. The 40-year-old hedge fund businessman’s dad is a self-made man, and his mom is a regular fixture in the London party scene. The latter is reportedly fame-hungry and never says no to a photo opportunity.

Pippa’s in-laws are scandalous as compared to her own family. Her mom Carole Middleton was spotted gulping down a bottle of white wine during the Rugby World Cup watching England get defeated by Australia in October. Her husband Michael, son James and even Prince Harry who watched the match looked calm and composed.

In fact, Queen Elizabeth reportedly does not like the “commoners,” according to a Celebrity Dirty Laundry report. Carole’s drinking habit added more fuel to the fire. Now it remains to be seen how Pippa Middleton’s in-laws cause further problems and embarrassments for the royal family.

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