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Pink Panthers Behind Kim Kardashian Robbery: Facts About World’s Notorious Syndicate

Pink Panthers Behind Kim Kardashian Robbery: Facts About World’s Notorious Syndicate
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Pink Panthers Behind Kim Kardashian Robbery: Facts About World’s Notorious Syndicate

The Instagram sensation Kim Kardashian has recently fallen victim to a notorious jewelry heist. According to a spokesperson, Kim was held up at gunpoint by two armed, masked men, disguised as police officers, who locked her up in the bathroom with hands and arms tied up. The robbers then looted her of around $10 million in jewelry, including a diamond right that was given to her by Kanye West.

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star was in her luxury Paris hotel room, taking the night off after a lavish Fashion Week reception in the Marais section of Paris. The reality television star who has now flown back to her NY home to be comforted by hubby Kane is “badly shaken but unharmed,” as reported by a representative.

If the details of the theft are to be probed, the Kardashian robbery doesn’t appear to be a random one. It was, on the other hand, a well-planned, organized theft; the robbers seemed to know about every move of the Instagram star, including when she will be all on her own.

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Kim Kardashian Robbery: The Suspects

Authorities suspect a particular Europe-based network of criminals behind the Kardashian robbery. The gang in question here has earned the notoriety of stealing more than $500million over the course of 30 years in as many as 35 countries; all of them being highly-planned heists.

The founding fathers of this outfit is a team of ex-Yugoslavs, many of whom fought in the Serbian special forces during the Bosnian wars, as reported by CBS News.

According to The Sun, one of the distinct modus operandi of these robberies was using beautiful women as allies. Their robberies were further chiseled by the use of expert planning as well as military discipline.

Several arrests have been made in connection with these robberies; Nebojsa Deni (arrested following a diamond robbery in London in 2003) and Bojana Mitic are only a tiny fraction of the syndicate which has roots in almost all over Europe.

Kim Kardashian Robbery: Who are the Pink Panthers?

One of the most remarkable theft in history probably is the stealing of $3.5 million of diamonds from a jewelry store in Wafi mall, Dubai. The robbery that happened only a few years ago involve two Audi cars crashing right through the doors of the jewelry store. Men in commando gear then jumped out of the cars, and before anyone could react, the thieves broke into the glass cases and grabbed their loot.

What makes this robbery so remarkable is the fact that the entire ordeal took no longer than 45 seconds! And like always, the gang got into their cars and simply drove away. Free.

Since their first strike in the year 1984, the network has grown to be of 200 members, more-o-less. They can be identified by their use of elaborate ruses to get near their target, which co-incidentally (or not?) resembles the pattern of the Kardashian robbery.

It is the notorious Pink Panther jewel theft gang- and no, it’s not the movie.

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