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Piedmont Park Hanging: KKK, Sam Hyde Suspected Killers

Piedmont Park Hanging: KKK, Sam Hyde Suspected Killers
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Piedmont Park Hanging: KKK, Sam Hyde Suspected Killers

In the midst of recent police shootings, a black man was found hanging from a tree at a park in Atlanta. Now, people are pointing at the KKK and Sam Hyde as the man’s possible killers.

Atlanta Police said their security officers found a man hanging from a tree by a rope near the Charles Allen entrance of Piedmont Park just before 5 a.m. When Grady EMS arrived, it was found that the man had no signs of life. The man remains unidentified and is being described as a black male aged 23 to 35.

Following the gruesome discovery, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed released a statement saying, “I am deeply saddened by the loss of a young man’s life last night in Piedmont Park. This disturbing event demands our full attention.” Reed said that the case has been referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It is currently believed that there is no evidence of foul play. Atlanta Police said in the statement, “Fulton County Medical Examinier Investigator Hagar responded and concurred that the death was consistent with a suicide.”

At the suggestion that the man’s hanging may be a case of suicide, many have taken to social media to debunk this conclusion. “I don’t understand how you can hang yourself without a stool or something,” one wrote.

Another one said, “Y’all are telling me a black man in the south went to a park to commit suicide by hanging? Nah, I’m not going for it.”

Meanwhile, people took to social media to point out that the KKK has become active recently. One said that Piedmont Park is a popular KKK hangout; another alleged that the area where the hanging took place is a KKK neighborhood.

There are also reports of KKK members being seen passing out flyers the night before the male was found hanging from a tree.

Meanwhile, many also identify KKK Grand Wizard Sam Hyde as the man behind the handing of the black male in Piedmont Park. One even posted what appears to be photo evidence of Hyde trying to escape the scene. At the same time, another said that Hyde was seen buying a rope at the Metro Park Hardware last July 5.

According to the police, the final cause and manner of death are waiting to be determined following an autopsy.

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