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Picasa To Be Axed By Google?

Picasa To Be Axed By Google?
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Picasa To Be Axed By Google?

Picasa is dying! Yes you read that right. The photo storage service that most have probably forgot existed is being killed and will officially be gone by May 1. Gizmodo reports that this means that the photo service’s site and desktop app will be pulled out from May onwards.

Users who have remained loyal to the service are advised to save their web albums. They are also being redirected to try using Google Photos instead. Indian express reports that the shutting down of the photo service is to give way to Google Photos to be mainstreamed.

According to the tech giant, all the photos and videos from Picasa Web albums will be automatically available on Google Photos when users log in with their accounts. The search engine is also creating a new place where the app’s users can access their web albums data for those who doesn’t want to use Google Photos.

Google’s blog post goes “As of March 15, 2016, we will no longer be supporting the Picasa desktop application. The tech firms post also said that for those who have already downloaded this or chose to do so before the given date, will find that the app will continue to work like it usually does.

For now, Google says that it has no plans of developing the app and has no plans to update the service in the near future. The latest demise of the photo storage service is just the latest to be added to the bulk of products that unfortunately did not make the cut, like Buzz and Orkut.

Last year, it could be recalled that the search engine giant has redesigned its photo application. The move has made a buzz and questions have been floating around about the use of Picasa. Some has speculated that the app might be seeing the dark soon. This latest announcement from Google has just confirmed that the speculations are not without basis.

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