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Photos: Russia Flaunts Military Weapons Like Toys In Amusement Park

Photos: Russia Flaunts Military Weapons Like Toys In Amusement Park
Vladimir Putin Red Square – That’s My Boy!! Хорошо, молодец!!! IoSonoUnaFotoCamera / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Photos: Russia Flaunts Military Weapons Like Toys In Amusement Park

Russia showed off its range of military products, including small arms and armored vehicles, combat robots and control systems that showcased the military might of the country’s Armed Forces, President Vladimir Putin said. The event was attended by delegations from 59 countries that Mr Putin hoped will be convinced that Russian military products are reliable and efficient.

The event was called the ARMY-2015 International Military-Technical Forum and was held at Patriotic Park. Matthew Chance of CNN said children were eating ice cream while playing on the weaponry in display that are “capable of destroying an entire continent.”

Forty new intercontinental ballistic missile

Russia will have 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles to its nuclear force, Putin said in his opening remark. These missiles will be capable of overcoming any most technically advanced anti-missile defense systems, he said.

Mr Putin said the event is a wonderful opportunity to display Russia’s military power that his country has always been famous for. It is in the same reason that the event, that he described as the “first such large-scale exhibition of” Russia’s military capabilities, was held at the Patriot park.

“I would like to highlight that our arms and military equipment remain in high demand on the global arms market. Throughout the past years, there has been a stable demand, while the orders portfolio has been drawn up for years ahead,” Mr Putin said.

The Disneyland of ‘tools of war’

Chance said the event was a parade of “killing machines” flaunted as if “they are toys and rides at an amusement park.”

He saw children and parents eating ice cream as they roam among the heavy military weapons. He overheard a father telling his son that the event shows “Russia is unbeatable.”

One Saudi Arabian Navy was also overheard saying that they used to buy weapons from America but his country is now “interested in the innovations” that Russia was able to make.


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