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Photos: Most Powerful And Most Famous Woman Share Cup Of Tea

Photos: Most Powerful And Most Famous Woman Share Cup Of Tea
Photo Carli Jean / Unsplash


Photos: Most Powerful And Most Famous Woman Share Cup Of Tea

The most powerful woman, German chancellor Angela Merkel, and the most famous woman, Queen Elizabeth II, met, shared a cup of tea, toured the Berlin skyline and watched robots in action. The two most renowned women in the world met for three times already, but June 24 was the first time they met in Germany.

Merkel is best known as the first female chancellor of Germany and said to be one of the architects of the European Union.

Queen Elizabeth took reign at a young age of 27 when she was officially coronated in Westminster Abbey on June 2 1953 – that makes her 64 years on the throne already.

Merkel welcomed The Queen at the Chancellery which serves as her official workplace in Berlin.

Once inside the Chancellery, the women shared a cup of tea and spent a few minutes chit-chatting.

According to The Telegraph, Merkel sat on an armchair and the Queen sat on a white sofa.

“Would you like a cup of tea?” Mrs Merkel asked.

“Yes, of course,” the Queen replied.

One of Merkel’s staff made a cup of tea for the Queen to which Merkel said, “Usually, I make it myself.”


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