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Photography Tips: How To Take Professional Pictures With Your Smartphone

Photography Tips: How To Take Professional Pictures With Your Smartphone
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Photography Tips: How To Take Professional Pictures With Your Smartphone

Smartphone cameras have improved a lot. The technology improved to the extent of replacing professional cameras. Instead of buying bulky SLRs with extra lenses, people these days prefer a good smartphone with a decent camera so that you do not miss a single spontaneous shot. Here we bring to you some smartphone photography tips for you to be able to shoot like a professional with just your phone.

We all click, but what separates professionals from amateur photographers? A good equipment? Different perspective? Good editing? Knowledge of right filters? A bit of everything, I guess. You to can click just like they do. Read on for smartphone photography tips:


No matter how good your shot is, editing gives it a completely new look. Every professional takes help of editing softwares to enhance their pictures. The best part about editing today is that you don’t even need a course to do some cutting, cropping and color enhancements in Photoshop or other photo editing softwares. And even if editing require some skills, just google what you need and you will be presented with a step-by-step tutorial. Instead of turning every picture into black and white or sepia, do some real editing.

Ditch the zoom

I recently purchased a DSLR with no zoom lens. Whenever I tried to go too close to the object, I used to get a blur image. I then realised that I can take a close up from a distance. Surprised? Don’t be. It is no rocket science. Click a normal picture and then crop the image and keep only what is needed. Imagine if optical zoom can do that to a picture when zoomed in, what digital zoom of a smartphone can do to your photograph. But do not stand too far from your subject. Be close enough that your smartphone camera captures your subject clear and crisp. If this blurs foreground a bit, it is ok. We are going to crop it, remember?

Take a close up

Yes, I am contradicting my previous point. Not all the cameras take good close ups, but many of the smartphone cameras do. The quality of  close-up also depends on the lighting. Do not go too close to your subject, but still take a close up. Confused? Let me give you an example. Suppose, you spot a butterfly somewhere in a group of ten flowers. If you try to capture all of it in a frame, the butterfly would lose its charm. Go close to the butterfly, and don’t worry it won’t fly away. My smartphone captured a tiny butterfly by going so close to it that it looked like a full grown adult.

Capture some of the action

While capturing people on smartphone, people worry about blur shots which result into people standing still in all the pictures. Missing out some action there? How about “Sports Mode?” Not just people in action, but with this mode you can also capture the beauty of flying birds, fireworks, etc.

Hope these smartphone photography tips would help you click some fantabulous pictures.

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