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Photo of Rumored Amazon Smartphone Leaks

Photo of Rumored Amazon Smartphone Leaks


Photo of Rumored Amazon Smartphone Leaks

Photo of Rumored Amazon Smartphone LeaksFor quite some time, rumors about’s alleged plan to release its own smartphone have been circulating. Now, technology Website asserts that the online e-commerce retailer is truly set to launch its own handset. To support its claims, the site has even published a picture, which it said is that of the new gadget.

Technology site BGR has just posted a photo that features the purported front and back of the much speculated and anticipated Amazon phone. The Website said the smartphone will feature a 4.7-inch display (touchscreen) that comes with a 720-pixel HD resolution. It added that the handset would also operate on a modified version
of Google Inc’s Android operating system, just like its Kindle Fire tablets.

The site cited its own reliable sources for the information. It disclosed additional information about the supposed specifications of the reported Amazon smartphone: a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, six individual camera modules, and 2GB of system memory.

Reported releases

Along with the leaked photo is a claim that the reported new device would just be the first of a series of smartphones that Amazon supposedly plans to release soon. The report hinted that Amazon would finally unveil its own handset within a month.

Reports also claimed that the rumored Amazon smartphone would feature the integration of several interesting technologies. Those include a natural user interface that controls gesture control and a 3D display. Amazon reportedly aims to also introduce a unique data plan subsidy scheme that might be offered to consumers through AT&T. It would reportedly be called Prime Data.

BGR stated that Prime Data may be a special plan that would be tied up with the reported Amazon smartphones. It added that the plan may provide free access to streaming motion pictures, music, TV shows, and many other services that the company may offer over the current cellular data networks.

Persistent rumors

As mentioned, rumors about Amazon’s supposed smartphones have been around for quite some time. In November 2012, the first rumor about an Amazon smartphone emerged. Back then, it was also reported that the company may agree to give away some units of its latest handset that time.

Earlier this month, Amazon was reportedly quoted as saying that it plans to launch its own smartphone in the coming third quarter.

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