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Philips SpeechAir: First Android Phone Dedicated to Speech Recording

Philips SpeechAir: First Android Phone Dedicated to Speech Recording
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Philips SpeechAir: First Android Phone Dedicated to Speech Recording

There have been devices that can be used for the sole purpose of voice recording and have been frequented by journalists and musicians in the past. Philips SpeechAir is the first ever smart phone of its kind that promises to provide high-quality voice recording without rapidly killing the battery off.

According to Gizmodo, Philips SpeechAir looks no different than your ordinary smart phone, fitted with a touch screen and a camera on the back that has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. While most smart phones out there carry a more or less decent microphone that does a good enough job to record one’s voice, it fails to provide the kind of battery backup that is required when one is recording voice messages or music on a professional level.

As revealed by Ubergizmo, the exterior design of Philips SpeechAir has been put together with the singular goal of boosting the ease of voice recording. It has adjustment buttons built on its side by which one can start, stop and pause voice recording at will, without having to search for the voice recording app on one’s mobile. Also, the right hand corner of the mobile has three built-in 360-degree microphones for this purpose. All of them have different functions. They facilitate 360-degree audio recording, one directional microphone and MEMS microphone.

In addition to offering perfect voice recording under every situation, the SpeechAir also has advanced software that provides security to all your recordings by means of 256-bit AES encryption. This comes in handy for journalists who more often than not need to protect the origin or source of the voice recordings so that they cannot be traced by anyone.

It also comes in handy for people in the medical profession because the camera on the back also acts as a barcode scanner, which lets one annotate the voice recordings with pictures or photo scans.

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