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Philando Castile: Good Man, Straight A Student, Cafeteria Attendant Who Gave Kids Extra Graham

Philando Castile: Good Man, Straight A Student, Cafeteria Attendant Who Gave Kids Extra Graham
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Philando Castile: Good Man, Straight A Student, Cafeteria Attendant Who Gave Kids Extra Graham

The death of Philando Castile came as a shock to many. Castile was said to have been a good, educated man who loved being around children.

The tragic incident occurred on July 6 at approximately 9 in the evening. A St. Anthony Police officer conducted a traffic stop on Larpenteur and Fry. Castile’s girlfriend Diamond “Lavish,” Reynolds who was in the car with Castile, said that they got pulled over because of a busted tail light at the back of the vehicle.

St. Anthony Police Department said that “during the stop, shots were fired.” In the video Reynolds took following the incident, Reynolds can be heard telling the police officer, “You shot four bullets into him, sir.”

The whole incident took place while Reynolds’ four-year-old daughter was in the back of the vehicle.

According to the copy of the police department’s press release posted on the blog Twin City Sidewalks, Castile was taken to the hospital following the shooting.

“We have been informed that this individual is deceased, ” the statement reads.

A handgun was said to have been recovered from the scene. Investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Before he died, J.J. Hill Montessori School said that Castile was working for the Saint Paul Public Schools since 2002. Prior to that, he studied at the University of Minnesota. Castile was only 19 when he started working in the school system’s Nutrition Services Department. Two years ago, Castile was promoted to a supervisory position.

“He welcomed students to the lunchroom with enthusiasm and fist bumps,” the montessori said. He was well loved by both teachers and staff in the community. He was also known to greet his former colleagues with smiles and hugs.

coworker said of Castile, “Kids loved him. He was smart, over-qualified. He was quiet, respectful, and kind. I knew him as warm and funny.”

One parent also said that Castile would put extra graham crackers in her son’s bag because he knew he would love it. “You guys. This was a GOOD MAN,” the parent further wrote.

Outside the St. Anthony Police Department now, there lies a heart on the floor with the name Philando Castile inside it. His sister Allysza has set up a GoFundMe page for his memorial.

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