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PH President Likens China To Adolf Hitler Over South China Sea Dispute

PH President Likens China To Adolf Hitler Over South China Sea Dispute
Noynoy Aquino Paolo Villanueva / Flickr CC BY 2.0


PH President Likens China To Adolf Hitler Over South China Sea Dispute

Philippine president Benigno Aquino III compared China to Nazi Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler in the period that led up to World War 2. Mr Aquino’s remark came in the wake of China’s adamant territorial claim in the South China Sea and amidst strong speculations of a brewing World War 3.

Morning News USA had previously reported that the Chinese has already deployed its arsenal of weapons in some islands over the disputed land, as per Australian media reports. Just recently, China has shooed away a U.S. military aircraft flying over international airspace above the South China Sea. The incident had former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell saying that U.S. and China are already at risk of going to war over South China.

The Philippines is a long-standing ally of America and is actively seeking the nation’s support amidst escalating tensions with China.

Just recently, Russia, a strong adversary to U.S., jumped into the South China Sea dispute as an ally to China and Brunei.

China is to South China Sea as Nazi Germany to Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia

In his speech in Tokyo, Japan on Wednesday, Aquino said that China’s resolute in South China Sea reminded him of the Nazis.

“I’m an amateur student of history and I’m reminded of… how Germany was testing the waters and what the responses were by various other European powers. They tested the waters and they were ready to back down if, for instance, in that aspect, France said to back down,” Mr Aquino said.

Aquino said the disputed South China Sea is like the Sudetenland that Adolf Hitler conquered before the full-scale Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia.

“Unfortunately, up to the annexation of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia, and eventually, the annexation of the entire country of Czechoslovakia, nobody said ‘stop,’” Mr Aquino said.

“What if somebody said stop to Hitler at that point in time, or to Germany at that time? Could we have avoided World War II? And that is really a question that still occupies the thoughts of so many individuals,” Mr Aquino told the delegates of the Nikkei 21st International Conference on the Future of Asia.

He hinted that Japan and the U.S. may as well be the countries to tell China to stop.

“If there was a vacuum, if the United States, which is the superpower, says ‘we are not interested’, perhaps there is no brake to ambitions of other countries,” Aquino said.

“So, I say again, America’s rebalancing sends a definite signal that we are all supposed to be living under norms that we agreed upon.”

Aquino’s statement is absurd – China

China is deeply shocked, strongly dissatisfied with and opposed to the absurd remarks made by Mr Aquino, foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told press. She claimed that the Philippines was actually the one who illegally occupied islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Islands by force in the 1970s. It was also the Philippines “who sought to seize China’s Ren’ai Jiao by landing a vessel on it in 1999,” she said.

“It is the Philippines who harassed China’s fishing boats and fishermen undertaking normal fishing activities in waters off China’s Huangyan Dao with military vessels in 2012,” she went on.

“It is also the Philippines who unilaterally initiated the so-called international arbitration in disregard of China’s rights as a signatory to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and in violation of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) and the consensus between the two countries in 2013. It is still the Philippines who has collided with countries outside the region and slung mud at China in pursuit of its selfish gains over recent years.”

Chunying said China has always been a responsible country who honors commitments and stays dedicated to resolving relevant disputes through negotiation and consultation with countries concerned. What China has consistently been doing is safeguarding its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, she highlighted.

“I once again solemnly urge some people from the Philippines to discard illusions, stop provoking and come back to the right track of resolving disputes through bilateral negotiation and consultation.”

Philippine is a strong ally to U.S.

Elsewhere, political experts are saying that the U.S. will stand by with the Philippines in relation to the South China Sea dispute. This was echoed with U.S. president Barack Obama’s remark during an event with the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative.

Mr Obama said that China should not try to expand its sovereignty in the South China sea by “throwing elbows.”

“We think that land reclamation, aggressive actions by any party in that area are counterproductive,” Mr Obama said.

“And the truth is, is that China is going to be successful.  It’s big, it’s powerful, its people are talented and they work hard.  And it may be that some of their claims are legitimate, but they shouldn’t just try to establish that based on throwing elbows and pushing people out of the way,” he stated.

“If, in fact, their claims are legitimate, people will recognize them.”


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