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‘Person of Interest’ Series Finale Spoilers: Spinoff Possible – Report

‘Person of Interest’ Series Finale Spoilers: Spinoff Possible – Report
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‘Person of Interest’ Series Finale Spoilers: Spinoff Possible – Report

“Person Of Interest” season 5 has been unofficially been declared as the last season of the series. While fans are eager to find out whether Finch and his Machine will be successful in defeating Samaritan in the series finale, they are also demanding a spinoff of their beloved show.

Given that season 5 was shortened to just 13 episodes, as opposed to its 22-23 episodes run in the previous seasons, it was kind of impossible to imagine that the creators will be able to provide all the answers within the time frame.

However, they did kick it into high gear with a lot happening in the last couple of episodes, building up to its finale.

‘Person of Interest’ Season 5 Finale

Finch has gone on to finally play offensive after ages of operating in the background.

Shaw is back just in time to help out her comrades (even though she is still not convinced that she is not part of a simulation).

Root achieved poetic justice as she sacrificed her body, only to have her spirit alive in form of her voice, now spoken by the Machine.

Fusco now knows the truth about the Machine (as it was high time that he did) and is lending a hand in the war; Reese is doing what he is best known for – fighting the bad guys and protecting Finch.

CarterMatt has stated the synopsis of “Person Of Interest” season 5 finale as follows:

“Finch, Reese, Fusco and Shaw embark on one last mission to prevent Samaritan from destroying The Machine and cementing its hold over mankind, on the series finale.”

‘Person of Interest’ Season 5 episode 13

Everything is heading in more or less the right direction, except the fact that there won’t be a season 6 to look forward to after the current season.

So, the question on the minds of the fans is – Will there be a possible spinoff? The showrunners, while have not declared any plans for a spinoff yet, they have not completely abandoned the idea either.

In an interview with Deadline, Jonathan Nolan, the Executive Producer of “Person Of Interest” mentioned that “there was still a “lot to say about these characters,” despite the fact that the series was coming to an end. He also hopefully added, “Regardless of the characters, it’s something I can see another incarnation of someday.”

Could that be a subtle hint that “Person Of Interest” might be revived somewhere in the near future?

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