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‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5 Too Short – Report

‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5 Too Short – Report
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‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5 Too Short – Report

After having a great run for 5 whole seasons, “Person of Interest” did not deserve to have a shortened last season, according to the fans. The creators are scrambling in order to tie up loose ends due to the brevity of runtime, which is ruining the overall experience of viewers.

The showrunners of “Person of Interest” are no longer interested in relishing what they put out in front of the audience anymore. They are merely focusing on checking if they have all the pieces of the puzzle in the right places as quickly as possible.

This wouldn’t have had been the case if POI season 5 had enough number of episodes, that is, 22 or 23 episodes, like its other seasons. With only 13 episodes to spare, and no news from the network regarding a renewal for another season, the creators were formed to treat the current season as the final one.

Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 12

As a result, season 5 episode 12 did not feel like a penultimate episode at all, recaps TV Guide. The emotion of visiting a world where Finch’s Machine did not exist was lost in Finch’s mission to infiltrate the NSA in order to destroy Samaritan.

It should have been a private moment between Finch and his brainchild, a final farewell; it was instead used to establish the point that even if The Machine did not come into existence, Samaritan was always going be born. Only in a Machine-less world, there wouldn’t be anyone to stop Samaritan from taking over mankind.

POI season 5

Executive producer Jonathan Nolan told Deadline regarding season 5 that they “had a good idea that this was probably it.” However, he also wistfully added that the creators “would have loved to have done more season.”

Nolan mentioned that there was still a “lot to say about these characters,” which they did not get to explore, given the brevity of the season.

“Regardless of the characters, it’s something I can see another incarnation of someday” he hopefully added.

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